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Re: WHY bother with a assessment?

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hi reading these over and over is so helpful. I talked to my freind at the L .D.A of manitoba and asked her if she would read the report from my test and explan the results to me. she is so smart and very helpful,and does not talk down to me . so any way what they are saying is that i have six different disabilitys. seams that every thing from reading writing , spacal something or another and emothional and anxity and deprescion and some memory probems , this leaves me with a low IQ of 89. so now that i know all this iam not sure what to do next.the day after learning all this i got fired. so i told my wife that she should throw me out, because all i do is cost her to keep me.i have caused our morgage to go from a 17 year to a30 year term i would leave if ithought it would help her . she says she would worry if i was homless and living on the street. she has always had to work to make sure weall had a place to live and work. all the people she works with are all talking about retirment , she just trying to keep the bills current. she deserves a better life. i dont know what i sould do becides looking for a new job all ready started. some days my depretion is so bad iwould just like to die .but killing my self is not the last memory iwant to leave my family of me. so i push on i just dont know where too . thanks for leting me vent.