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Re: WHY bother with a assessment?

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Larynxa when I read your six points from your old assesment it feels like you have spent some time in my head , that is how i think plus that people dont like me or are angry with me. so they were to test for anxiety. they showed me not one picture they gave me a list of multiuble choice question after asking me to spell some words they gave me . They wanted me to remember a long list of things that they read to me 3 times and one list once i dont know how this tells then whats going on in my head. I got more from your six points above then from that entire afternoon. they allso ask me to define some words. so thanks again it seams like i have to read things a few times to get all. even on conreta i still seam rushed and my brain needs to slow down . i think thats why my spealing is always been so poor. atleast now slowed down long enough to learn that .or shoud i say while looking for letters on this key board ha ha