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Re: WHY bother with a assessment?

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Trashman, I am NO spring chix – just got my definite diagnosis today… My grade school burned down & my 80 yr old mum didnt have my report cards – my Dr. managed to get it all figured out without them (ya they would have helped but whatever). There are no resources up where I live (3.5 hrs drive to the psych apts.) Dont let that Dr make you think you, and your feelings are not worth knowing. We have a right to know, and they have the ability to tell us. Laryxna – thanks for articulating so well – its is great to have someone able to put it into words when we (me) cant…I’m lucky that I know I’m above average in my intelligence – I joke with old teachers that I’m just thick when I get them to repeat something…. I am still in the process of deciding whether or not to “med” – I have moderate depression (barrel of laughs eh?) he diagnosed too… I didnt get the testing you & Larynxa had – – sounds freakin stressful to me – I can only empathise. I can also relate as my hubbie says I have my own language sometimes – when I get flustered I have a blurb that kicks my brain/mouth back in order (actually it just gives me a breath) Stop – Think – Speak – – everyone jokes I have no brain/mouth filter..As for remembering stuff – if its not written in my planner & Im not looking at it – it doesnt happen – Im 40 now – still dont read well – even when I want too.