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Re: WHY bother with a assessment?

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Patte Rosebank
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@trashman, you have NOT been wasting anyone’s time. That doctor has been wasting yours.


I can’t say this strongly enough. If he’s going into the testing with that attitude, and he’s the one who’s administering it and interpreting the results, then the test results will be very biased.

Clearly, the doctor you got has not been upgrading his knowledge and skills. As one specialist in the “ADD and Loving It” documentary says, “The knowledge and treatments for ADHD have changed so much, just in the past few years, that the stuff I learned in medical school, we’d consider malpractice, today.”

Any doctor who says, “Yes, you have this medical condition, but you’ve had it for so long, and your medication seems to be sort of working, so I can’t be bothered to really examine your condition or do anything about it”, is violating several parts of the modern Hippocratic Oath—in particular, the one about avoiding “therapeutic nihilism” (i.e., seeing a problem but doing nothing about it), and the one about having “warmth, sympathy, and understanding”.

You have the right to proper care, so you have the right to say, “This doctor is not meeting my needs, so I must have a different doctor.”

This is something I’m in the process of doing for myself, so I know it’s hard to dismiss your current doctor, and harder to find a new one. But it must be done if we’re to have any real chance of getting the care and treatment we need.