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Re: Why don't we open envelopes?

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Hi No_Dop,

I love online banking too. And I do well. Although, I have been known to pay twice on my house phone bill and miss a cell phone payment (curse you AT&T same but different). If I can’t find a bill which truthfully doesn’t happen often-I still know when it needs to be paid via on-line bill pay and tend to over-pay just to make sure I’m sending enough. I’m probably the only person who does that.

I am learning, doing and LOVING Dave Ramsey’s My Total Money Makeover. I am becoming a much better steward of our money and am learning “to tell my money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

It’s a great financial babystep tool for any other distracted souls out there who are in charge of the checkbook.

Thanks for the tip though, I’ll try to notice if I start doing the “let sleeping bills lie or wander” instead of “hot potato bill” treatment.