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Re: Why don't we open envelopes?

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Hey everyone!

Just back from two weeks away and reading this as I avoid getting started on my massive to do list to get ready for a big party on Sunday!

Voicemail? Well had to check and found 21 messages waiting for me – no one here bothered to check while I was away! Apparently no one got the mail since last week either & the heat pump is on the fritz -did anyone call a repair man? You can guess the answer :-)

And to boot one of my voice messages was to request payment for a really old bill – one I had marked as payed and noted with a check # months ago and had even double checked before I went away . AAAGGGHHH, I have a feeling I won’t be opening any envelopes when I go get the mail later :-)

Krazy Kat,

I can relate to the not making phone calls! I used to do that before my assessment .I think it’s the steps. Even a restaurant reservation would turn my stomach. You have to find a number, decide on the time etc before you even make the call. That bill I mentioned up there – just the thought of having to retrieve the paper work, and then check my bank statement etc before I make the call is giving me heart palpitations already!

As for the friendly competition of what you find when you open stuff that we all toyed with earlier on in the post:

Before I went away on vacation I did a massive re- shifting of stuff in the basement so that in the case anyone needed to call a plumber they could access the water heater. I found the following in little boxes and purses:

1 400$ gold pen ( in a box with kid’s markers) missing for 3 years and a gift to my husband from a family member.

300$ in a wallet ( left over from a vacation in a purse not used in 3 years)

I’m on a personal clean up mission that needs to be done before the beginning of July. Anyone up for the challenge to see what more we can find in un-opened boxes, bags and envelopes :-) ?