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“She knows it is a crime, and does not do it often.”

The way you worded your post was too cute!:) Cannabis is of course a stimulant like ritalin, so it makes sense that it could improve focus in ADD in some respects. I’m interested to know Dr. J’s thoughts on this too.

A friend of mine experienced no intoxicating effects at all during the few times she tried pot in her teen years, much to her and her friends’ bewilderment. She now figures it was because of the ADD and her differing “default” setting where stimulants are concerned.

Since being on meds for ADD later in life and seeking out pot as an occasional remedy for the trials of perimenopausal PMS, she has found that she needs only a small dose to experience a therapeutic effect against the background of the prescription stimulant.

She would never presume an ability to, say, operate heavy machinery during those times, however. I would think great care and sound judgement would be in order when mixing the two, regardless.