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Came across this post and it looks like an older one. But distractions were about the biggest reason why my last job came to an end. I love doing design work but am wondering if working in an Ad Agency is way too distracting for me. This is mostly where I’ve worked. I’m still looking for full time work but have been freelancing at home to keep the money coming in. I’ve thought about an In-House job. Haven’t gotten any interviews but do good getting freelance. But still have a hard time meeting the deadlines I even set for myself.

I did a temp job last year that was just me and the person running the creative department. So just 2 of us in an office. I liked not hearing so many people and dealing with office politics. And she was nice to work with overall. But still made mistakes on really basic stuff I thought I double checked. However this co-worker had a real fondness for 80’s music that drove me bat Sh!2#$t crazy. Music can really affect my mood.

And at the last job (the 11 year one) I got complaints about my music coming through headphones. I hate the ear buds. Guess Jane’s Addiction was too rowdy in the morning but Bon Jovi was not when the boss played it.

And I turned it up loud to block out the noise.

At the job I had for 11 years (Yes that long because I had gone through so many other jobs I went the other way and didn’t leave when I should have) I actually got written up for “making random and inappropriate noises such as talking to myself or my computer”. And I still didn’t just leave! But I had to endure every personal phone call from another employee that never got in trouble because apparently she “could get all her work done”. I even asked to be moved to an area that was not in the middle of everything. Now I know that was a reasonable accommodation. And they were also trying to get me to just quit. Like when I was told at my last review to explore my “options”. And I had racked up some legit reasons. I think in the years there I maybe was able to get to work on time about 10 times. So maybe once a year I could do it. LOL my boss also said somethings that were no helpful. Like maybe you should work somewhere not so high profile like a non-profit or something. It’s not like we were on Madison Avenue for hell’s sake.

It’s been a little over a year since that job and still shudder thinking about it. So I’m realizing how ADHD added to all of this and why I was so distracted and no it wasn’t because I didn’t care about the job. It also drove me to go home and drink every night. No excuse but with trying to stay on top of things and working late and still being told I wasn’t cutting it, it just made me look to something to self medicate with. I’ve stopped the drinking and have an understanding of why I did that when undiagnosed. But I’m beginning to feel like I now have PTSD from that job. Applying for jobs gets me all worked up about being able to focus, be detailed oriented and good at time management. Usually the top qualifications listed before they even get to being creative. Which I never got complaints about. But have a bad track record with details and mistakes adding up.

Anyone had similar bad jobs and any further success in focusing. Working at home I still get distracted way too much. And like Scattybird the all nighters are getting too hard to recover from. Anyone good at proofing cover letters and resumes? Another big stress for me.

Mostly I feel like I’m talented and good at putting myself in places. It’s just once I get there to keep the momentum going.

Had to vent.