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Hey thanks for the replies. I’ll look at the link Robbo, It’s 2 am where I’m at now and my dog is up and so are all my cats. One of the reason why I don’t get enough sleep.

I did have a part time job for a while this summer. It was seasonal so it only lasted a couple of months. Home Depot Paint department which I loved doing but the pay was really low. I make about 4 times freelancing. So a part time job with a little higher pay than that one would be nice. I’m also looking at a temp place.

The good thing about the Home Depot job was it was faced paced I moved around a lot and the days would go by really fast. I also liked working with the customers. And could actually help pick colors and tell people how to do faux finishes. And the people overall were nice and more odd ball like myself so I fit in that way. Actually I seemed more normal than some. LOL

I always joked that if I were to do something else it would be work at Home Depot. Little did I know haha. I can cross that one off the bucket list now. I get a lot of pent up energy out working on my house. I even turned the broken down shed like thing in my backyard into a Tiki Bar for a summer party. It’s been an annual theme with my friends. So I do have a pretty good sense of humor and wackiness. That was another thing I would get into trouble for at my old job. Doing anything “overly creative”.

I know the place was a really really bad fit, It just went on for so many years. It’s like getting out of a bad relationship. LOL I think part of the anxiety is the long history I have with jobs is never being able to get there on time, careless mistakes which I now know was not me being careless but ADHD related. Being really on top of things one day and then totally off the next. And then the time management thing. I’m trying to be forgiving of myself and give myself a break because I did manage a lot with out knowing what was going on. And operating on about half a brain.

This is the longest time since I was a teenager that I haven’t worked. (I’m 44 so late diagnosis as well ) I’ve always been good at finding jobs but this time around it’s taking longer and I’m being more thoughtful about what I apply for. Just a bit panicky about money coming in since the reserves are at the end.

I’m taking adderall and have an appointment for a med check. I can try some samples of strattera since adderall does have some side effects fpr me. But I do get more done on the meds. I’m hoping to get working so I can have health insurance again and see my therapist on a ore regular basis. I did find a support group here. But they meet once a month. Better than nothing.

Some of this is me just having a bad brain day. I started off chipper until I sat down to send out resumes then It all comes flooding back. So I’ll keep you guys informed of anything I come across that works for me.

FINALLY the pets have settled down.