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Right on, a “Tiki bar” that’s real cool n creative.

Being late really hurts a lot, I happens less now, burns up my insides when I’m late. I still struggle some. Mostly just when/if I say I’m doing better at being on time. As if I’m not allowed to say I’m doing well??? I don’t brag, but one of my demons likes to kick me back down when I have success. Especially if I actually tell people I’m doing better. I just need a lil faith in my integrity. I’ve only been fired for being late one time that I know of for sure. I quit some jobs because I thought I was going to get fired. Not many.

Home Depot is one of the only jobs I’ve considered since I became disabled. That would be fun.

I’m glad you’re not working at that 11 year insult to your creative freedom any more. Half an ADHD brain is still better than a linear brain. JMHO. I’ve stayed at jobs too long just because training at a new one was always so painful. I learn slow, but I would keep learning way past the rest of the crew, end up being the boss because I couldn’t stand being told what to do.

Good post Misswho23, sounds like you’re doing good even though you’re not having fun with sending out resumes. Maybe when you’re done, just run around and get yer pets all hypered up again, just for fun and to get some dopamine flowing in yer blood. Pet’s are great when you want to feel better.

The last Pearl Jam CD I got was “Live On Two Legs” great stuff.