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I tell the ladies in the office that I am not to be interrupted. They email me with the phone messages I have received. I also put my mobile on silent at times when I need to get critical work complete. That way I am not getting frazzled with all the interruptions. The phone noise drives me nuts most days. I can respond to the calls in my time when I feel like doing them. I use my phone as a message reminder so I do not forget to take action on these calls. The 90 staff I supervise know not to verbally tell me things as they know there is a good chance I will just forget to the action required. My strategy is to tell them to put it in an email to me. That way I will not forget and take the required action. If they cannot do this I will whip out my phone and put the reminder in my phone. I do not mean to forget It is a way to survive so my stress levels do not go through the roof. The ladies in the office are very understanding as I will tell them I am having an ADD moment. They can see my stress levels and will protect me from distractions. Another way I have used is just to have the local radio station on in the background. It helps to cut down the sensory distractions. Cheers Brian