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Re: Working memory (short term memory) and medication

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I consider myself to be very, very fortunate because I went through about 6-12 hours of testing with learning, memory, and other aspects through a psychologist and then the results of the self-assessments from my wife, mother and myself were all passed to the psychiatrist who then after about a couple of weeks of reviewing the results made the diagnoses of ADHD with the co-morbid condition or poor-memory.

I would definitely say if you can some how locate a coach or someone who specializes in organization and what not (if that is something that is plaguing you at work for example) hire them for a bit and get some feedback and suggestions regarding how to find ways that work for you or at least discover some.

Personally there are two books that I have which I use in conjunction with the coach that I have.

The Disorganized Mind – Nancy Ratey (a coach who is ADHD herself and her husband is a psychologist).

Living with ADD – M. Susan Roberts & Garad J. Jansen (a work book with exercises that will aid you in areas of challenge)

You can get them at Chapters or on Amazon for a very reasonable rate.

If you would like me to share what the coach has suggested for me and some things that she has given to me, I’d be glad to share whatever she has for me. I am very blessed in that my psychologist, psychiatrist and coach are part of my benefits package were I work.

I would love to be able to aid others with this although I know I have zero qualification or credentials.