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Re: Worried that stimulants will exacerbate my anxiety, but desperate for relief

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SG – I believe that restless legs is a valid disorder. Mine started in my late teens and has generally worsened with age. The only times I haven’t had problems with it have been when my knee problems took over, which I think was a combo of the knee pain being dominant over all else, and the amount of painkillers I was on. Once my knees settled and I dropped back with the painkillers, the restless legs became obvious again. It is SOOOO uncomfortable. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s an overwhelming compulsion to move my legs, so much that they are almost painful if I don’t. It seems to concentrate mostly in the joints of the legs, and it goes through phases of which joints are the worst culprits. The extreme discomfort is only relieved by movement, and only while the movement lasts. Hips are the worst, as ankles and knees can be slathered in deep heat cream, wrapped in a heat pack, or (for ankles) soaked in a bucket of hot water. It begins mildly in the evening and worsens as the evening wears on. Spring and autumn are the worst seasons – something about the temperature change between the warm days and cool evenings I think. A busy day will also make it worse. Heat relieves it to a degree, as does any painkiller containing codeine, or muscle relaxants. But the interesting thing is that parkinson’s drugs work very well to relieve RLS. And trying that with success is what made me decide that it was the most likely reason for the cause of my leg issues. Hyperactivity has never been one of my big issues (unless you count the mouth lol) but even when I feel the urge to fidget in my seat or twiddle my thumbs at a lecture, it is never the same as the feeling I get in my legs at night. The “hyperactive” urge to move can always be overcome by distraction (reading a book I enjoy, getting on the computer, going for a brief walk and sitting back down) but the need to move my legs cannot be ignored and can prevent me from being able to enjoy anything else. It’s had me in tears before because it is so uncomfortable and frustrating. I was all set to see the doctor about it when my knees got bad real quick and took over my life (I ended up finding out I had severe arthritis under my kneecaps and have had two lots of surgery to help ease the pain). So now I feel like I am back at the beginning, only with ADHD chucked into the mix of possibilities. I have pretty well decided to go to my GP about my RLS. Then my psych has one less thing to consider in the potential mix of ADHD look-alikes.

By the way, I felt good this morning. Got home and took the kids to school, but didn’t feel that drugged, overtired feeling I often feel after a night shift. But still fell asleep right away when I got to bed. BUT…I woke at midday with a hungover feeling – headache and dizzy and generally ick :? I think it was the effect of the caffeine wearing off. Ugh! Not pleasant. Took ages to get back to sleep. Feel good now though. Well rested. Will see how tonight goes. I certainly agree that caffeine is the poor man’s stimulant substitute. Not ideal for sure. But it has been interesting to see the effects.