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When half the medical community doesn’t really understand ADHD, it’s not a stretch to believe that a kindergarten teacher might not be up to date! I understand from my personal research that ADHD (in some form, with or without the “H” component) is the most hereditable characteristic after height – even moreso than eye color, etc. So if one parent is a bit “iffy” on the ADHD scale, chances are, it got passed on.

Before clueing in and getting my own problems looked at, I was privy to the anxious concerns of my assistant at work, who had a really bright young son of 7 or 8. She received phone calls almost daily about the little guy’s behavior from the school. She was going nuts, had trouble doing her job and had a terrible time at home until her son was diagnosed. Instead of adopting the popular “No – no chemical intervention” stance of many mothers, she and her husband decided to give it a try for a limited time.

They specified a 6-month trial, so that they could assess results vis a vis school/social/home performance, and see what happened to him physically. Four years later, he’s still on the ADHD medication – still skinny – but doing extremely well in school. No more beating up other kids at recess, and no more failing grades. She stuffs him full of sandwiches after the Concerta has worn off at night. But weight loss can still be a big issue.

I started on Concerta at age 50+, and within 10 months was down 50 pounds. I have to be reminded to eat, because most of the ADHD meds have the appetite suppressant effect – but it’s a small price to pay! Looking back over the past 18 months, I’ve never been so productive, or felt so good about what I’ve been doing.