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Re Driving: I drive a LOT. 160 km a day on average for the past 45 years. (That’s more than 2.6 million km!) During that time, I’ve been in two accidents (neither my fault. Someone hit ME in white-out conditions both times), and I’ve been a volunteer driver for Children’s Aid for the past 7 years (sometimes driving 8-10,000 km a month).

I’ve had 3 speeding tickets; two for doing 31 mph in a 25 mph zone (30 years apart on the SAME road. Sheesh!) and one while rushing to help an ADD child whose Mother had just O.D.’d (I make no apologies for the last one.)

Re your Doctor: Get another one. (I AM being deliberately abrupt <g>). But seriously … I do think you need – at the very least – someone with a fresh point of view.

As for Concerta – Tried it. Doesn’t work on ME at all. (Which doesn’t mean Concerta doesn’t work. I’m just saying – we’re all different. Some meds work. Others don’t. Depends on the individual.)

Re coffee: After self-medicating with copious cups of tea over the decades, I “get” what you are doing … but as I mentioned – my excessive caffeine intake put me in hospital twice. And once I had the right meds, I lost all interest in caffeine.

One point I DO find interesting (My usual disclaimer: I am NOT a Doctor) is that you find caffeine is such a help to you. What that tells me (NOT a Doctor <g>), is that you obviously react positively to stimulants.

So why have you not been tried on Stimulant Medication (Adderall, Dexedrine, Ritalin, etc.)?

That’s what I’d be asking.