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I’ve always wanted to fly…in fact in my younger years, I’m sure I was flying with my feet permanently on the ground, but that’s another story.

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Turns out I’d been self-medicating with flying.

Also turns out all us Swans who climb mountains, scuba dive, race cars or run ER departments are doing the same thing!

We’re NOT “Adrenaline Junkies,” as so many think. We actually do what we do because – without realizing it – we get the one thing we REALLY crave…

Peace of mind.


Well, I love taking risks. In my thinner years, I rock climbed Europe on fissures without ropes or other life saving equipment. I’m also the guy with the white helmet inside that race car. It goes from 0 to 160km/h back to 0 in about 6 seconds. When I’m ripping around Mosport with my foot to the floor, pulling G’s pulling left, then right, then full out, full blast down the back straight, I’m at total peace. Other cars pass me, but it’s like slow motion. I don’t hear them. I can only hear the engine straining as I slam into the next gear, the engine pulling well into the redline. The slightest twitch the wrong way could end your life. It’s euphoric. And I don’t hear that damn noise in my ear! I’ve felt my heartbeat… it’s not slower or any faster than watching the cars scream by at the sideline.

As a side note, i may know people you know within your industry. Small world….