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Re: WOW! What a revelation

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wow! now i understand why i keep moving my shoulder and screwin my nose up and the urege to do both is so big especially when im out in public or someone close beside me in my own home, i have just had a conversation with my partner two days ago and it was suggested i ask my psycologist why i keep moving my shoulder and twitchin my nose, i am verry consious of it and try so hard not to do it and try all sorts of ways to disguise it .. whein i was younger i had one with my mouth lips and pusheing my throat out and making a little noise.. i also was so aware of so i did it behind my hand when i felt myself doing it.. i will still chat to him my doctor about it because it really bothers me and my partner keeps getting butted by my shoulder because the urge is huge when someone is beside me..i saw a prgoramme on tourettes recently and i worried becasuse i thought this mayb me , so its also verry linked to adhd then?

Fearwidg -you have great posts !!