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thank you!! it’s funny cuz’ when i “do them” everyone in the room looks at me funny and my usual response is “what?” as they stare. then they say, “you ok?”. to which i have a tendency to say, “oh, it’s just the heebie, jeebies”. now that you mention what your partner said, it makes total sense that people perceive the ticks differently than i do. *blush*

i have these ticks, where i twist my head and don’t even realize it and “bah” or “oh!”….. and they do usually happen when i’m under some stress or very excited about something that’s about to happen. :D *giggles* it’s probably the one thing that i can easily laugh at about myself. probably, b/c it’s something i can’t hide, so why be self-consciousness about it, right?

i’ll bring it up to the doc next time i go in.

you rock!