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I’m really thinking out loud here (no I’m not, I’m typing without thinking :)), but in reading the account of “night terrors” I was reminded of something I’ve experienced for years, perhaps decades. I have dreams in which I confront people verbally and physically. They can be quite spirited, angry, even violent, and commonly, I will yell (and sometime kick) at my opponents both in the dream and in actuality. Needless to say, this can be quite upsetting to anyone unlucky enough to be sharing my bed. A partner has told me that she has been woken by a flurry of obscenities coming from my mouth, and I have woken myself by striking out at my “demons” in my sleep.

I’ve been medicated for unipolar depression (SS and SNRI’s) for many years, and have been tentatively diagnosed with ADD and Asperger’s.