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Veronica –

Best of luck with your Doctor, and if s/he can’t give you a satisfactory answer, don’t be afraid to find an ADD Specialist who will. (Wish I’d done THAT decades ago).

Also … excellent point that your motor tics not only increase under stress, but also when one is excited. I forgot to mention that. (Sorry. I have ADD <vbg>).

Another point I missed is that – even when my tics are at their worst – they disappear completely when I’m hyper-focussed.

I remember an excellent episode of Chicago Hope that dealt with a brilliant Doctor who just happened to have severe Tourettes. In the end, he was the only Doctor who could save a small infant, but it didn’t help that while trying to explain the risks of the operation to the parents, his Tourettes would occasionally blurt out the words “Dead baby.”

The other doctors didn’t want him near the child, but finally realized the man was the infant’s only hope.

In the event, it took about 30 seconds for the Doctor’s Tourettes to evaporate as his hyper-focus kicked in, he became the consumate professional, and saved the baby. But the second he was done – back came the tics with a vengeance.

I know it was a fictional TV drama, but I remember being impressed that the Screenwriter had obviously done his/her homework. They nailed what it’s like to have Motor tics/Tourettes.

But I digress. <g>

As I said – Good luck with your Doctor … and, if you don’t mind, let the rest of us totallyadd Swans know how it went (either way).

Cheers till next time,