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LOVE your opening line. It is SO ADD. (Thought/Sidebar/Honesty).

{Mind you, I’m more Thought/Sidebar/Sidebar/Sidebar/ What was I talking about? <g>}

But I digress. <vbg>

I’ll say again – I AM NOT AS DOCTOR…

But when you say, you’ve been medicated for unipolar depression, but also TENTATIVELY diagnosed with ADD AND Aspergers, I get worried.

ADD presents very differently from Aspergers, and SO many Adders are incorrectly diagnosed with Depression (which is not to say you DON’T have Depression, you very well may. Again – I AM NOT A DOCTOR).

But for many of us, especially those with a few years under our belts (and if I read your username correctly, I suspect you’re 44 -45), why wouldn’t we be depressed after a lifetime of underachievement & “missing the mark”?

That’s where a good Doctor – one who really understands Brain Chemisty Imbalance (BCI) problems – comes in. They can tell the difference between Depression as the prime BCI, or as a “Shadow Syndrome” of some other BCI, such as ADD or Aspergers.

So, what really worries me is your comment about being TENTATIVELY diagnosed with ADD or Aspergers.

Why “tentaively”? Are you part way through a process of narrowing that down, or were you left hanging with three possibilities?

If that’s the case, you and your Doctor (or an ADD/Aspergers Specialist) really need to nail down that diagnosis.

Because ADD or Aspergers frequently come with depression as a shadow syndrome … but it’s rarely the other way around.

From the bit of information above, my totally non-professional take would be: it SOUNDS like you have ADD with Motor Tics/Mild Tourettes like me, or possibly Aspergers. And I would PRESS for a complete, professional diagnosis.

Why? Because the right diagnosis, followed my med trials to discover the meds that work for YOU, will end your tics, change your life … SAVE your life.

Having said that – I AM NOT A DOCTOR – so, please keep taking the meds you’ve been prescribed until a qualified Specialist tells you otherwise.

Wish you all the best.

Be sure to let your fellow Swans know how you get on.

Cheers till next time,