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Re: “You need to pay attention to details”

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Well, here’s a little secret:

There are VERY FEW non-ADDers who “pay attention” to details.

Just a few weeks ago, I read an article on Yahoo about the importance of a “clean” résumé. No spelling or formatting mistakes! Okay, I can understand the rationale there. BUT… a paragraph later, I see the following phrase: “Even if you think you’re a shoe-in for the job….” So, here is some PR guru telling us we need to make sure OUR copy is clean, and yet he/she doesn’t know the proper spelling of “shoo-in.”

Most of us know we have a hard time with details. But people—ADD or not—who 1) are good enough to recognize an anomaly when they see one, 2) are attentive enough to spot them most of the time, and 3) care enough to comb through presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents looking for them are pretty darn rare.