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@friendlymathematician, it sounds like you had a lot of stuff happening and a lot of bad luck along the way. No wonder it took you so long. But at least you stuck with it and got through. I only went to college for one year. Had a lot of the same kinds of problems, got really sick from staying up all night to try to finish assignments that were due the next day, and suffered the same type of social sabotage. I always wanted to go back and finish the course with flying colours, just to “show them”, but I never did. Good thing probably because without a diagnosis, and without knowing that trying harder doesn’t work, I still would have failed.

@ancientgeek, some great advice. If only someone had told me 20 years ago…. I recently realized that one of the main reasons I am always depressed is that I am bored out of my mind. My life is far to simple and dull to keep me engaged and interested. I have started trying to do what I can to get excited about life again and I’m doing much better. Unfortunately, it’s too late to do much. But thanks to the Internet and my best friend Google, I can find things to keep my mind active from the comfort of my couch. 🙂