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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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Great stuff here.

In the interviews with did for our video on using Marijuana and Cannabis for ADHD (a new video which I will shamelessly plug because it’s very good) Dr. Ari Tuckman says, “I have a lot of clients who smoke a lot of marijuana and some who just dabble… What they say is, I can focus better after I smoke pot and in some ways they might be a little bit right, but we gotta put a big asterisk on that.  They’re right in a sense of the more anxious we feel the worse we concentrate.  That’s true for everybody. So if we can bring down your anxiety, yes your focus will be better.  Doesn’t treat your ADHD, but at least you feel less anxious, stressed out and overwhelmed.  Also if you’re a little bit depressed it can kind of lift your mood a little bit in that moment.  So I think it does have some positive effect.  But I think that it’s only a positive effect by comparison.  Like if your focus is bad enough on account of feeling anxious and stressed out and overwhelmed and if we can reduce some of that your focus might seem to be a little bit better. But the danger is that it kind of eats you slowly.”

That phrase, ‘eats you slowly’, still haunts me.