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Something else just popped into my head that sort of relates.

I’ve started to wonder about the struggles I have and how they seem to cycle in the same way . It goes something like this…success, followed by boredom, then self-sabatoge, situational anxiety, eventually a drop into depression, struggle to overcome, resolve, action, and then success again which then allows the cycle to start over.

Although depression and anxiety are painful in some ways I think the struggle might be something my ADHD brain likes. Its like there’s a point when I’m bottoming out where my brain yells “Mercy” and seems to wake up and jump into action. For me I think depression can get me to a place where everything else in the world is forced to take a back seat while my mind (in a rare moment of focus and excitement) works to pull me out of the bad spot I’m in. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long before my mind starts searching for stimulation to wake itself up again.