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Hello bluestartattoo,

I take Adderall, No time release or anything. I split a 10mg pill and I am good for the day. I take 5mg in the mornings and 5mg in the afternoon, when I have a long day at work. I take it on the weekends, but I do take an Adderall vacation a weekend  a month.

I have never noticed any side effects or anything, and I have been taking Adderall for over 3 years now. I keep telling people this stuff was tailor made for my brain. The people in my life, who know I have ADD, say it is like night and day, when I am taking my meds and when I wasn’t

There are many, many medications for ADD, and It takes a fair amount of trial and error. Afterward, you will no longer be able to say “I have never experimented with drugs.”

We all have different symptoms of ADD we want to reduce, because they impact our lives so much. Each of our brains is a unique construct, with unique chemistry and unique structure. It stands to reason that medications will affect us all differently as we try to deal with ADD (which also is different in everyone).

I started with Strattera which made me feel like I had insects crawling under my skin (Thank you X-files). I took Ritalin and it made my hart race, and made me jittery. Even at extremely low doses, I had facial ticks and insomnia even worse than “normal”. Does that mean you shouldn’t take those drugs? No. It means *I* shouldn’t take them. There are many people on these forums that are very successful on those medications.

Find one that works for you. One that knocks down the symptoms you most want to see gone. Work on the dose that gives you the most affect, with the least amount of side-effects. Then work out the delivery. Sustained or not?

Hope this helps.