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I find this all very interesting. We don’t have either of those luxuries in our area, group or coach. Maybe I’m glad we don’t now. This website has been both for me. And helped me through some really tough situations.

I was/am planning to start a support group, It was put on the back burner because I have a few crisis’s to get under control before I get into it.

A group can be run by anyone who cares enough to support other people and share their success strategies. By the same token other group members can benefit the person who is running it by sharing what they had to learn on their own. They can all come up with a structure together and help each other adjust it to fit each members circumstances and individual difficulties. They can practice goal setting through the group as a group, while adjusting the criteria to suit their personal lives, with the help of the members. The real help though, in my opinion, would be the proximity of the members making accountability more frequent, and more tailored to the individual.

I do have a venue and a person to help with the initial “group” structure, she has experience forming and running caregiver groups. Lucky for me she has the summer off which will make it easier on her to devote her time if I need it.

I have an awful lot on my plate right now though, and I’ve been very overwhelmed and stuck it might be too much to try to tackle if I’m not careful how I go about it. I may also find that just getting it started will help me get through the rest of my issues. I will have to think on that one a little more, as it just came to mind.

Maybe you could get a group going in your area.