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Hello all!!! Lol

its been since early summer that I’ve actually felt the need to check back in with my ADD diagnosis and continue learning all I can about it.

Just a quick catch up of the last 7 months…..

As some might’ve noticed from my earlier posts in this thread I was so DAMNED excited and straight up lil school girl gitty about the fact my new medication was working so well and literally changing my life!!

well today, January 5, 2015 I can say that I’ve been with my girlfriend now since summer and I’ve truly never been happier in my life. * I don’t like to get into details but my 14 year relationship with my wife ended at the same time my addiction to H did. We have 2 beautiful girls from our relationship and they’re the two complete loves of my life!! Here’s why I mention this…at the time my wife told me to leave so her new guy could take my place she was convinced I was doomed to live a miserable life, she actually convinced me of this as well. So, no details but EVERYTHING was done to have my girls see me as the monster my ex convinced herself I was. No exaggeration at all, but NEVER, and I mean NOT ONCE speaking ill of their mother and just focussing on recovery and being a father worked miracles for me!!! It’s probably not possible for a father and his daughters to be closer to each other than I am with my girls, who are 6&8 btw. My oldest has a sense of what I’ve been through and surprisingly enough is proud of her Daddy

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate and value sites like this and this forum in particular. Although I don’t consider others on here as complete strangers, in reality this is what we are to each other. It’s so incredible that I’ve found a community that I can research and vent and talk about my deepest life issues without worrying about assholes or just plain stigma.

Mi sincerely want to thank EVERY single person who’s used these forums and added a caring conversation partner when we have no place else that feels so safe.

I’m sure you’re noticing that I’m seriously cheesy but as stated in my earlier posts, I’ve been through hell and all the way to the bottom and back up again. The lessons that’s taught me make me feel the constant need to communicate my appreciation for anyone who’s willing to help a “stranger”

and BlackDog. I edited out my part about having my anxious thoughts come back just as you warned me about. Thanks for the heads up there. Having read this actually helped me realize that it was “normal” to still feel anxiety/depression from time to time