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Concerta was really great for me – I took it for quite a while when I was first diagnosed!

It was so helpful having something that would “dose itself” throughout the day. I only wish they would make it a little longer acting (which could be affected by what I ate, drank, amount of physical activity, etc.)

Now I take short acting, generic methylphenidate through the day and evening because it allows me to have more control over the dosage around meals and activities I am doing on a particular day.

After taking different types of meds over time, I think it gets easier and easier to use the meds as a tool, along with all the other changes that can be made in my lifestyle so things will run a little more downhill.

Hurray! I’m glad it’s helping you Teddy 🙂 I know how exciting it is to start getting help after struggling with symptoms for a long time!

Blackdog – Keep persisting to figure out what you need, and what doctor can help you. I went through numerous docs before getting help, but the effort was well worth it!