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I wanted to share that we have ahd tremendous success overcoming the decrease in appetite by adding an antihistamine called periactin to my daughter’s prescription. I found about it in some forum recommended by an ADHD doctor and tried it with my daughter 1mg twice a day has increased her appetite considerably, she has gained a few pounds already and it has been only a month. Perhaps you would consider asking your son’s doctor if that is an option in your case.
As far as the academic struggles, I can empathize as well,I am not sure to what extent it is related to the medicines not working as well and to what degree are academic struggles not uncommon at certain stages. My daughter has also been in a gifted program since early childhood and as long as she took her medication, she has performed consistently well, a straight A student while without the meds she would not be able to complete classwork, getting Fs for being completely inattentive. Despite her ADHD being well managed with the meds, I have learned that transitions create some particular challenges,albeit temporarily. Transitioning into high school, gifted learners who are not used to having to study need to develop those new habits. My daughter is going through a very similar thing, she was shocked at the beginning of the school year because she had to actually study for the first time, and even though she was studying, which in her case meant cramming before the due date,she was still not getting her usual easy As. We made a deal with her,told her it was her choice because there was no need to rush into AP courses,but if she wanted to continue taking it we would get her a tutor. we also talked to her about her expectations and to see this as a learning opportunity, that as things get more complex, they take more effort and time and one has to manage those two, nothing wrong with portioning a challenging course in order to have a balanced workload. So we got her a tutor and she is feeling much better, she is focusing on developing new studying habits and skills, she still has a C in her AP class but the rest are Bs and As and she is slowly making progress.This is her first year in high school and there was a transitional period with her middle school transition as well. My concern was the degree of anxiety and explosiveness during the times of stress but she is back to her normal sweet self, trying to manage her time and workload. like we all have to learn to do.The way I see it better to face this now while she has a protective environment than later on her own. That said, it is not at all easy,and I can imagine what you guys are going through, the pain, the anxiety, the frustration. Trying a different medicine might be the solution, but in our experience when new stressors are added other things may be needed to be added. Hang in there, you guys will figure it out.