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I know exactly what you mean about giving up trying to stay on top of things. I gave up in a big way a long time ago. I finally let go of the last bit of attempted control when I lost my job in September. I could have fought it but I decided I just really didn’t want to work any more.

The result is that I have been sitting around like a lump ever since while the mess around me continues to grow and grow. But I go through this every now and then and then sort of snap out of it and get things back in shape.

Now that I have a better idea of what is going on in my brain and why I have difficulty with staying organized and on too of things I am hoping to snap out of it for good. Like you said, our best isn’t consistent from day to day. So I am trying to learn to use those really good days to get more done so that I can take it easy on the other days.

I have the same trouble with recovering from things that make me emotional. And not just bad ones. I sometimes feel really drained after a good conversation or even watching a funny movie. It’s like I can only take so much then I have to get away and shut it out. It just feels overwhelming.

I hate the way children are forced to conform, expected to be like everyone else, fit into the same box. The system is flawed to say the least.  But they are smart kids and they can find ways around it.

I passed tests when I was in high school without knowing a thing about the subject of the test. I just wrote really creative, and really long, answers that always got me at least a partial mark. And I passed grade 11 math by getting a friend who was good in math to calculate what percentage I needed to get on the final exam and then focusing on answering just enough questions to get it. And I was lucky enough to have a few teachers who recognized the quality of my essays and gave me bonus marks to cancel out what I lost for handing them in late.

Anyway, now I’m the one who is rambling on. And I lost my train of thought several stops back. So I think I better leave it at that.