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My experience with Concerta was that it worked for a few years, and then stopped working. So I stopped taking it. And my situation deteriorated. After a couple of years off the medication, I have recently started taking it again – and now it works again, noticeably.

Some people work with their doctors to try different drugs, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. You might check the Attention Talk Radio archives for discussions about medication, dosages, types, etc. It’s a good resource.

Other than that, if the medication is not working, some alternatives include regular aerobic exercise, and a high-protein, low-carb diet, which are usually good lifestyle strategies for anyone. I’ve noticed those are changes that can really boost my overall functioning.

You might also consider how his day could be structured to leverage his peak hours (for example, scheduling the most challenging classes at his best time, and/or sandwiching low-interest activities between high-interest ones, so that some of the mental energy and momentum from the high-interest stuff might leak over into the low-interest areas.)

I know this is tough stuff, as I’m currently watching my ADHD son flunk out of high school due to his refusal to admit he has ADHD, take medication, show up for class, or do any homework at all. Somehow the message “Gee honey, you’re really impaired. What can we do to fix you?” is not quite working for me. I understand the stress and fear around this issue.

Shorter, more frequent school assignments, or smaller class sizes might help if those are options.

There are a number of coaching resources out there, although most of them are pricey. The Edge Foundation is one. ADDCA may list coaches who work with kids transitioning from high school to college.

One key concept I have heard many times is to try to notice when and where he is at his best, and try to find a common thread between those situations and other things he has to do.