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@tatltael I dont have the time to read the other responses (either that or I’m just too lazy to), so excuse me if I repeat what has already been said.If it is ADD, you should be able to see symptoms of it going back to when you were little. Did you daydream a lot then? Take more time to do things than other children? Have trouble listening and paying attention? etc.If you didn’t notice any symptoms until now, it’s still possible that it is ADD and you are just seeing it now because you have more responsibility, harder work to do at school, more stress etc. But it also could be some other problem, something that has changed with your health. So you really should see your doctor and talk to your parents. Just tell them that you are not feeling well and you think something might be wrong. You don’t have to say that you think it is ADD.It also could just be that you are adjusting to be a teenager. It’s very common for teenagers to have problems like this, especially if they are not sleeping enough. You need to sleep.One thing for sure is that it is not “just laziness”. If you were just lazy, you probably wouldn’t care enough to ask the question. The fact that you are worried about not being able to do your school work shows that you are having a real problem, because you want to do it and you still can’t. So don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s ADD or just the normal stress of high school life, you need to get to the bottom of it and get it straightened out so that you can be successful and have the kind of life you want to have.