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You crack me up. Febreeze. LOL.


I don’t know about any of it. (Yes, interesting no kid is exempt from homework for not liking the teacher – obviously they should be).

Latest piece of semi-horrifying news. I get in touch with the person who runs the study hall. I thought she was the point of contact on his IEP, or was the Special Ed person who provides those services in that setting. (My older son says everyone gets an A in study hall  just for showing up, so it doesn’t mean anything. And FYI, he’s had a 4.0 GPA and has been at the top of his class since he started high school two years ago – and he doesn’t have ADHD. Coincidence? I think not). Plus drama: The study hall teacher sends me a form asking for permission to give younger son’s “counselor” (whoever that is) a copy of the IEP. A release form. What?

1) Why doesn’t his counselor have this form? Why didn’t it come over from his middle school, since we signed it last spring? They’re just telling us now that they never got his IEP? Would they have told me if I didn’t ask, and if he wasn’t failing?

2) I thought this study hall teacher was the counselor for his IEP.

So far, I have received four notes from teachers – two from the study hall person, fairly non-confrontational about his chronic lateness and poor grades (at that time, he was still getting Cs), one from his science teacher saying he was failing, and two from his art teacher complaining bitterly about his behavior in class.