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@dithl I love the brick wall analogy. That is a perfect way of describing it. I think I hit that wall when I attempted to go to college many years ago. And actually, the first psych I went to hit the nail on the head. She actually diagnosed me with ADD first (changed her mind later) and said that she thought the reason it hadn’t shown up before was just that the work had always been too easy for me and when I went to college I was faced with more challenging work so it was harder to compensate.

College was my brick wall. Though it wasn’t quite the way she thought. It wasn’t that the work was too hard- far from it. It was the schedule, the faster, more demanding pace, and less flexibility when it came to handing things in late. Probably also the lack of structure, since left to my own devices I tend to procrastinate and get distracted more. But what really did me in wasn’t the academics, it was the work placements. And that was due to chronic lateness, disorganization, the dreaded paperwork, social awkwardness and my tendency to do things my own way with no regard for what other people think, among other things.

The real trick is learning to pick yourself up. That is something that I am only just starting to do now. It’s hard to do when you don’t understand why you hit that wall in the first place.

But that is enough about me. Thanks for your very informative post. As I said, I don’t have children, but your insight is no doubt of value for everyone who does. 🙂