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I think that if I knew 20 years ago what I know now, each year I would meet with my son’s teacher and say something like:

My son has ADHD and can be difficult at times.  I would like to make your job easier by giving you some insights into his strengths and weaknesses that hopefully will help.  He is basically a good kid and quite likable, but like all, has his moments which can be trying.

He is good at A, B, C, & D but has difficulties with E, F, G, & H.  He is interested in X, Y, & Z.  The difficulties he has is typical of a kid with ADHD because of (whatever, .  .  .  and give a bit of education about ADHD in the likely event the teacher is clueless.)  I have found that when he (fill in the blank) it helps to (list what helps).

Here is my cell phone number.  Please feel free to call anytime.  I really want to work with you to ensure that my son gets his work done and has acceptable behavior.

I would also have perhaps a page of notes to leave with the teacher.

Perhaps I am too optimistic.

Getting back to reality, my son’s first grade teacher told my wife, “I never knew why James was the way he was until I met his father.”