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Thanks for that. Those are excellent suggestions. I copied what you wrote to use as my template for IEP conversations and correspondence with teachers.

I don’t know how optimistic it is but dithl’s strategy sounds correct: nudge the school until they get so sick of hearing from me they give in and do what I want.

We have two possible strategies in mind, although I don’t know if we can get cooperation: to move the kid’s math class to early in the day when he has the best chance of focus, and to work with the counselor to plan his classes, in hopes of keeping him from being assigned to classes we know will be a disaster for him.

It’s kind of appalling to me that they plan student schedules without parent involvement. When I was in high school, parents had to sign off on a student’s schedule. They got the complete course catalog, and reviewed the schedule for requirements and electives. Here, for reasons beyond my comprehension, high school counselors can just stuff kids into any classes they feel like – they don’t consult parents at all.

We are trying to get in touch with the counselor, who of course can only be reached via email or voice mail. But at least we have an idea of how to proceed. It’s so stressful – kid is an emotional wreck, and skipped his study hall class today – the only class that hasn’t been a complete disaster.