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I don’t know which state you live in, but here in Washington, there is a K-12 online academy. The student logs into the computer and attends a couple required classes through skype. The rest of the classes are online learning, recorded lectures and demonstrations. I like it, because he is doing so well, and his parents like it, because its FREE!

Our grandson, went from being a year behind to an honors student and he is happy in school. He has ADHD, and like his grandpa, he has a little OCD. The school doesn’t need to accommodate him at all. he just goes at his own pace, running through the stuff he gets and taking time on the stuff he doesn’t.

Without all the distractions, teasing, walking to and from classes, waiting for class to start… the list goes on. He is able to compress a 7 hour day into 2 hours. Here is a link to the one here in Washington, and maybe they can find you a similar program in your state.


Hope this helps.