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I wished there was a way I could contact you, or my wife. OK. Here is the run-down on the Online academy.

First the students are expected to put in time to learn their lessons, Depending on the subject and the grade level they have to complete a10-20 lesson modules a week. When they do those is up to the student. Attendance is kept, by having the parent log on and sign off on the lessons and with the school. They still get paid by the state and the state requires daily attendance be taken.


The teachers are AMAZINGLY well prepared for special needs children. I think that is why they have this school in the first place. There are only a couple mandatory classes the students attend, and that is done on SKYPE.

Since he decides when he “goes to school” it puts him in control. This means the rule “no Xbox until your school work is done” hasn’t been enforced in a LONG time. Power struggles are not really a factor. The worst came when CoD Ghost came out and he wanted to play that with his friends. Since he was ahead in his studies, he got to play and take a day off school.

He doesn’t get bullied, teased, or anything like that. So, he is enjoying school. Yea… ENJOYING. That is a foreign concept for me and I had to have him repeat that a couple times. My only down side is I am programed to think that you have to put in 6-7 hours a day into school to learn anything. Not true. It has educated me as well.

You can sign up mid-year, and the next open slot they have, you will get in.

I hope this helps.