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No, this is not the best you can expect.

I know exactly what you are talking about. That always walking through mud never fully awake feeling is my norm too.

I didn’t take time to read the other responses because I really need to go to sleep now. So forgive me if I am repeating anything.

The medication can only help to a certain point. And your brain will adjust to it and then it will not feel as effective. There are a few different options for getting out of that fog but basically what it comes down to is more stimulation.

So, you can add another medication. Adderall is a very fast acting med. So maybe you could try taking a slower acting one that will stay in your system longer and then use a small amount of the fast acting one as a booster. I have never done this personally but I have seen many others here comment on it.

Also, doing that boring job that is below your intellectual level may actually be making things worse.  If it isn’t giving your brain any stimulation then your brain will just say “whatever, wake me when it’s over” and take a nap. Or at least that is what I have found. I have always been underemployed too and just recently realized how much I hate life as a trained monkey. I used to avoid anything too challenging or anything. that required I be responsible out of fear of failure. And the result has been failure at everything I do. I understand now that I need that challenge and that responsibility to motivate me and keep me awake.

Anything that you find stimulating and interesting should help to lift the fog. At least temporarily. Music, exercise, cross word puzzles….making weird noises. Seriously, there is a thread around here somewhere with comments about using weird, high pitched noises to wake yourself up. When I was a kid I used to drive everyone nuts humming, whistling, clicking my tongue, snapping my fingers….and my mother’s personal favourite, blowing in the little hole in the cap on my pen to make it whistle while doing my homework. That or clicking the pen rapidly over and over again if it was one of the clicky ones. I still do both of those when I am really concentrating.

Anyway, I am sure I had something better to say when I started this but it got lost in the fog somewhere. I am really very tired and I need to go to bed.