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Oh yes, bubble gum. Forgot about that one. I always had bubble gum. At least 2 packs, sometimes 4 or 5, all different flavours and colours. There was one I really liked that had a cartoon of a horse on the pack and the sticks of gum were all different colours swirled together. And there was the Gold Rush gum of course but it was a little too pricey and I liked to get the most out of my hard earned pop bottle money. Hubba Bubba was my standard. And Bazzoka Joe, Double Bubble, those little round pieces with the liquid inside that squirted out when you bit into them…..

So yeah. Popping gum and blowing bubbles was a big thing for me too. I only stopped because it hurts my jaw too much now if I chew it too long. I tend to chew very obsessively. I can’t even suck on a hard candy for more than a few seconds before I start to chomp.  Then I realize what I’ve done and think “oh man, I barely even tasted that one”. I get another one and say “this time I’m just going to suck on it….” Chomp, it’s gone.

Okay, what was the subject again? Right, brain fog. I had a brilliant idea last night after I logged out. No clue what it was now. Should have written it down. Isn’t this medication supposed to be helping me?

I am apparently too goofy to be of any help today. But really, it’s up to you. Whatever wakes you up and snaps you out it is what will work best.

💡 Adrenaline. That was it. I was reading ADD Stole My Car Keys and I got to the part about “adrenalin junkies”. Creating a crisis helps to clear the fog and suddenly, you can focus.

Of course, you can’t go around deliberately creating a state of emergency in your life just to get out of your mental fog. Well, you can, but that’s what most of us are trying to learn not to do, right? But there are little ways (and safe ways) that you can use adrenaline to your advantage. Even by breaking your tasks down into smaller bits and then setting a time limit for getting each step done.

One of my main forms of mental stimulation has always been daydreaming, though I didn’t know that was why I was doing it at the time. I wasn’t trudging through snow banks on my way to the store to buy groceries, I was running across the snow covered surface of the planet Hoth taking down Imperial Walkers. The trick is not to get trapped in your daydream, which I frequently do. But imagining a little excitement into an otherwise dull life can give your brain a boost.