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I completely hear what you are saying. I have experienced the same problem, even with – and sometimes seemingly because of – medication. The first few days are good, then I start to feel a kind of toxic build-up and become unable to focus or concentrate on anything, and actually feel much worse. Also I think changing meds or dosage can do weird things. On-again, off-again meds leads to some pretty unpleasant states.

Recently, I revisited my copy of the first “ADD Crusher” video by Alan Brown. In this video, he talks about the importance of diet, exercise, meditation, and proper sleep hygiene. Over the past few days I’ve attempted to implement his suggestions, and notice a significant difference in my mood and level of mental clarity.

I start the day with a protein meal – eggs, tuna, or something like that. Plus Omega 3 supplements and a vitamin B complex. I avoid sugar, and other “white food.” Consume little amounts of protein regularly throughout the day.

Meditation: There are different ways to do it, but essentially, the point is to calm down, sit comfortable, and clear the mind by coming back to a simple thought, repetitive thought. Brown mentions the ADHD tendency to obsess about the past and worry about the future – so the meditation is about trying to let go of that stuff and relax in the present.  Helps to reduce compulsive/obsessive fulminating. I lose a lot of energy to worrying.

Exercise: Even making sure to get in a brisk walk every day would help. Cardio work-outs are more important than muscle fitness. This is a real challenge for me because of where I live, but I’m trying to figure out where I can build exercise into my day – such as walking instead of taking the bus.

Sleep: Avoid the blue light of the computer or television an hour before bed time so the brain has time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Those are just a few of his many suggestions that can help, for starters, with the Brain Fog issue.

You can find clips of his videos for free on YouTube, just to check it out.

I’ve had this video for a couple years, and thought it was great when I first heard it, and thought, yeah, I should really do that stuff. I started doing it, but got sidetracked on something and forgot about it. Now I’m just rediscovering it. Out of pure desperation, because I’m sick of living like this, my plan is to start doing exactly what he says, and if I have to remind myself by watching the video every day for a year, then that’s what I need to do. I already feel a whole lot better after just a few days.

That’s my best .92 for now. Hang in there.