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Hmmmm…..Now I’m curious to know just what my IQ is. But I’m certain it can’t be that high. And I really didn’t do that well in school.

@wanderquest  I have always been a bit of an intellectual snob myself. Which is funny because I have also always felt like I was stupid. Stupid, but smarter than the average idiot I guess.

But like you said, intelligence doesn’t get you anywhere in this world. Which I find really irritating. Especially when I am smarter than the people in charge and they won’t listen to me. And the really annoying thing is when it turns out I was right and I still don’t get any credit. They just happen to change their minds about it.

@sdwa “but how do you create that level of motivation where it doesn’t exist?”

That is the $64,000 question, isn’t it? For me, it has to be practically life and death before I get motivated to do something I really don’t want to do.

@RitaFaye, you are so right about that word OR.They seem to never think that it is possible to do well in one area and be a complete disaster in another. I have the exact same social problems, only for me the bullying never came to a stop. And it is an either or situation with everything else. I can either do well at work and let everything else fall apart, or I can take care of things at home and let myself slip at work. And I never can really do well in anything. At best, I keep my head above water.

I did the same thing with not researching the career options for art. And I found out many years later when I went to an art exhibit at the college and got chatting with one of the students that there is a complete business course included in the fine arts course, so that they know how to start their own business when they’re finished.