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Wow, this is me – still, more than a year after diagnosis – or is it two years? (wow, I’ve totally lost track)

“I did well in school.”

I did well in school – honor roll, 99th percentile on all those weird standardized number 2 pencil tests. In the smart-kid classes, calculus, AP history, college prep all the way. Good SATs, I got into a top college, from which I graduated on time with a good GPA. Yep. I did well.


Good God, were there some bumps in that road.
The form “Warning Notice” sent home by my 7th grade math teacher. I forget my grade – not horrific, but it was dangling precariously close to failing. In the comment section was written only this: “She seems to be in her own world much of the time.”

The year we were not required to turn in any science lab write-ups until the end of the year, at which time we were expected to have handed in a total of 30. My total one month from the end of the year: Seven. Somehow the rest of them happened by June, but it wasn’t pretty.

The calculus course I dropped three-quarters of the way through senior year, because I was failing it so spectacularly. I’d already gotten into college, so it was quietly wiped off my record and therefore it didn’t kill my GPA. I’m pretty sure there were doctor’s notes involved, because at that time I was being treated for major depression.

The college English final exam I missed because I wrote the date in the margin of a notebook that I never looked at again. They let me take the makeup exam.

The countless all-nighters for writing papers and studying for exams. That horrible moment when the black window hovering above your typewriter suddenly becomes purple, and the realization that it is dawn snaps your neck so hard that you nearly topple backward.

Those printed notes that you couldn’t bear to read from the career center you couldn’t bear to visit: What Will You Do After Graduation?

Still trying to figure that one out. I’m 48.

But, yeah, I did well in school.