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Of course a person has to have contact with drugs to become addicted, what I advocate is that a casual and party contact that many people have with drugs without  getting addicted, in the case of a person who has a dopamine deficit, that person will be in a serious risk of developing a compulsive addiction

To me it is not very clear that  education and environment around you has much to do with addiction to drugs abuse. I will try to make me understand

I never believed that education given to  children had much to do with the results you get from them, I have never met a better parents than my own parents and uncles of Madrid, good people, intelligent and devoted to the education and care of their children, each couple had four children and from eight we were three have died as a result of drugs and someone more had serious problems. It made no sense, the only explanation I found was that basically everything is random. The believe that through education we can influence the future of our children should be little more than illusion.

When I found out that I have ADHD, I realized that my brothers and my cousins also had it. Everything got sense: ADHD was the cause that drugs had played such a crime in our family.

The relation of ADHD with drugs was one of the first things I understood, I think that even it was inside one of the first tests I did: is there any member of your family who has had problems with alcohol or drugs?

It is true that most addicts are related with marginal areas of aur society but it is also true that the old belief that ADHD was a disease just in children which disappear with adulthood was because the vast majority of adult people with ADHD would disappear from our world, end up in jail, dead, addicted to drugs or at other marginal areas of our society. Marginality and ADHD have always been related although we are not so much aware. On this site will be difficult to find the ADHD in jail, the ADHD drug addict or any marginal ADHD ,  we will talk and discuss only the ADHD that have been able to combine our disorder with living inside this society, and apparently we are  minority within the ADHD adult population.