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A striking fact of drugs, is the incongruence in behavior that have on people who use them, it is a culture-dependent behavior . If we think about the consumer  behavior of a drug such alcohol,  we will think that a person who drinks will have a tendency to a violent and unpleasant behavior, also under the influence of alcohol he will be prone to an irresponsible sexual promiscuity. However, this behavior is not universally true, the British among others, when they drink they will behave like that. Anthropologists refer to these societies as “dissociated cultures versus alcohol.” A Spanish like myself or my friends we never behave like, my generation did not know that alcohol has those effects, I would say that even we are less violent and less promiscuous under the influence of alcohol. We belong to a “culture associated to alcohol”.

It is funny spanish  advertising on sherries wines from 60’s in which recommend comsumption to children. (See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJIxo9q2hMY)

On certain situations our behavior is conditioned by instincts. Our community  can predetermine  and define behaviors based on the agreement and the belief of the community. This is the mechanism that explains that the same drug has different behaviors in different societies. This is the fundamental reason for conductual changes associated with addictions. The consequence over behaviour have little or nothing to do with biochemistry of the drug. Usually and wrongly we blame the drug chemistry and its impact on our brains of changes in the behavior that have addicts.

This process has been studied by the SIRC (Social Issues Research Centre), in its study of the behavior consequences of alcohol in British society. The studies make a comparative analysis of the effects of alcohol in different societies and blame  the damage caused by alcohol in British society to the existence of an unjustified belief about its effects, a belief that has no scientific basis. Its demonstrations of the falsity of the legend associated with alcohol consumption, it is based both on experiments designed to that purpose, and also with behavioral differences that have alcohol in British society compared to those observed in Mediterranean societies as Spanish society.