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I tell my son, who has ADHD, that drugs and alcohol are more dangerous for us than for other people. I really believe that, because I saw myself fall into habits that I didn’t like (even at the time) –  it was almost automatic. If low dopamine is the problem, that makes sense to me. As an experience, it was just being caught in the moment, because there is only now.

Too many things people do are made into a moral issue. Who does that serve? In my opinion there is no area of human concern that cannot be corrupted by the profit motive. It’s useful to ask who is asking and who has a problem with what people are doing, and why they have a problem with it, and what they have to gain if the problem continues.

ADHD is a “disorder” because we don’t fit into the education or employment systems. If the world were run by musicians, being tone deaf would be a disorder. Context is everything.