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I am a project manager and I work for companies on a contractual basis. When I was working at a “Permanent” job, I would find it easy to do those things that had deadlines or high importance. Anything that was not important enough to be in the top 10, was not important enough to work. I got into so much trouble, because these things were often much more important than advertized.

I met deadlines by waiting till the last minute and in a flurry of activity, get all the work done as the twelfth stroke of midnight faded.

Getting into consultant work, saved my career. I now rescue projects that have gone sideways and I deal with my client’s less than happy customers. I am always in crisis mode and I love it!

There is a reason ADD people gravitate toward certain careers and avoid others. Some jobs just can’t wake our brains up. The awful thing is, we sometimes find ourselves pushed into those boring jobs or boring tasks, because that is what other people think we can handle, especially, after a few screw-ups on more challenging tasks. Which makes things worse. I spent 25 years in that cycle and it was literally driving me crazy.

My suggestion, would be to find those things you do at work, you enjoy, and see if there is a job out there that matches that. Project manager = rescue projects.  Nurse = ER Nurse. Office Supply = A little help here? (I am sorry. I can’t think of anything that would make office supplies exciting).

I think that is what people mean by “bending the world to fit you”.