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It seems there is nothing wrong with my current job that I haven’t experienced at every other job… So I’m not sure finding a different job is my answer – the verdict is still out on that 🙂

So far in tracking my tasks, I’ve noticed that I struggle with getting up and out to work in the morning. I don’t like having to wake up, dress up and enter into the flourescent lighted environment. I am often late – I dread getting out of bed on a weekday.

I don’t like complicated paperwork processes. I’m terrible at keeping them organized, on track and filed in the proper place.

I do like meeting with people in person.

I don’t like checking/answering my email and voicemail.

I enjoy preparing data reports – nice hyperfocus stuff.

The the things I don’t like get put off. The things I like get done. End result: my office looks like a disaster area. I seem inconsistent and unreliable. I’m late to work.

At least knowing these things, I can get more serious about finding tools and motivators to do better.