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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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I’ve spent the day editing a new full-length video on ADHD in the Workplace. Disclosure, and Accommodations.

The key message is follow your strengths. And do what interests you.

Which is kind of what you’re doing already, Munchkin. But the stuff that you don’t do well, that doesn’t match your mindset, (And I hate to do most of the same things you do) still have to get done. That’s where you need to get creative.

Talk to your boss and point out what you do well. Even better, ask, “What do I do well?”

Then explain, “I think I can do even more of that.”

Then when you ask for accommodations, frame it in a positive. As in positive for the boss/company/bottom line. So, instead of, “I have a disability and paperwork is impossible for me, what are you going to do about it?” you might try, “I’m really good at meeting customers, dealing with people, sales, talking with the public, and my invoicing and paperwork is really not a strength. If we hire an assistant part time to handle my paperwork, it will free up enough time that I can make this company way more money that will pay for the assistant four times over.”